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Business Insights -  May 2013
Is Innovative Thinking a Priority at Your Organization?

In an article titled "The Case for Stealth Innovation", the author proposes that employees hoping to push through a great idea at their company need to develop and work on that idea 'under cover’ until it's complete enough to pitch to senior executives. This goes as far as developing a cover story to deceive senior executives.

This 'stealth' approach is troubling for a number of reasons:
  1. Senior executives should encourage innovative thinking by funding projects that think outside of the box instead of making people hide their talents.
  2. Not many innovative thinkers will go this far for a company that doesn't already have their back when trying to bring innovation to the workplace.
  3. Innovation is a team sport! Even if the idea gets developed enough for senior executives, it may not be in the right direction. In which case, going to the executive early on could have saved loads of time and resources.
Is innovation encouraged at your organization or are 'stealth innovators' lurking in every corner? It may be time to make innovative thinking a priority.

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Set Goals and Achieve Success
Going on a road trip is fun, but you don't really know where you are going or how to get there unless you use a map. Similarly, while many people can run a business on the fly, it's best to define the plans that can drive successful growth.

Michael A. Olguin discusses why everyone should outline specific business goals in "4 Reasons You Need to Set Business Goals," posted on, starting with measuring success. What a business owner thinks may be going well for the business may be very different from what really is making the business successful. Even educated guesses are not nearly as accurate as measurable results. Using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions - such as Microsoft Dynamics GP - can help organizations put real numbers to specific areas of profit, growth, customer satisfaction levels, or other areas where you want to be successful. Olguin also suggests getting input and sharing goals with the leadership team. A business is more likely to reach their goals when everyone is working collectively to achieve the same results.

Goals themselves don't necessarily guarantee success as Olguin points out, but a business can increase their chances for success when it has set realistic targets, defined how to reach them, and monitored activities to stay on track. Learn how The Resource Group can help you on the path to success by visiting
Giving Employees Perks Without Breaking Budgets

Businesses are obligated to provide their employees with certain benefits and there are perks that are optional. Managing benefit packages can be tricky and lead to costly mistakes that range from poor record-keeping to giving benefits that your employees don't even want. However, taking the time to analyze and reorganize your benefit packages, and even introducing new benefits, can actually save money while keeping employees happy and engaged.

In "How to Provide More Benefits Without Busting the Bank," posted on, the Entrepreneur staff suggest looking toward the community to find possible perks for employees. Local warehouse stores or movie theaters may offer employee discounts as a way to attract new customers. Dry cleaning companies may offer free pickups and deliveries as a way to develop loyal customers. You may also be able to offer supplemental insurance or legal services by getting bulk rates, which makes them affordable for employees to purchase if they so choose.

There are some benefits that are mandated by laws and there are other optional perks you may consider offering to generate good morale and employee loyalty. A happy employee is a productive employee, so be sure to check out the creative suggestions offered by the Entrepreneur team.
Fun Fact:

According to a recent study by Symantec, lax data security, including items like weak passwords and the lack of data backups, cost SMBs (Small and Midsized Businesses) $126,000 a year.
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