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Business Insights - December 2012
5 Important Lessons Successful Business Leaders Live by Each Day

Even if leadership comes naturally, there are still important lessons to live by. Here are five of those important lessons that every leader should implement:

1. Continually Analyze and Improve Processes: It’s easy to sometimes ‘set it and forget it’, but in order to grow and remain a successful business, adapt processes to meet the changing demands of today’s business climate.

2. Think Strategically and Execute: Gather input from all departments and make sure the team can execute the plans effectively. Great ideas abound but if they don’t get done then they’re not worth much at all.

3. Collaborate Effectively: As businesses grow, teams of people create ideas and put them into motion vs. a couple of superstar employees. Learning to collaborate effectively will ensure the path of growth is followed with fewer roadblocks along the way.

4. Coach and Develop Current Employees: Instead of changing employees if things aren’t perfect, invest time and resources to help those employees do their best. If word gets around that the business mentors employees, then the right people will come running.

5. Inspire and Influence from Afar: Not many owners have the luxury of meeting face to face with every team, but it’s still extremely important to set expectations so everyone is clear. Leaders need to manage from afar through proper measurement of key results and indicators no matter where they’re located.

Whether the goal is to grow the size of the company or simply stay an efficiently running business, make sure to analyze, strategize, collaborate, invest in employees and set expectations in order to be an effective and successful business leader.
25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

In this free whitepaper, see how these companies used Microsoft Dynamics ERP (enterprise resource planning) software to streamline operations, increase profits and achieve overall growth.
Time to Upgrade Your Accounting Software? Consider Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud

Have you outgrown your current accounting software platform? Consider upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics® GP in the Cloud. Get the benefits of this robust system designed for mid-sized businesses without the hassle of costly upfront software licensing fees.

  • Software and network support services at one low price.
  • Reduced dependence on internal IT staff
  • Secure servers for your data
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How To Win Big By Thinking Differently

William Taylor, Co-Founder and Founding Editor of Fast Company, shares his insight into the strategies that are not just leveling the field, but are completely changing the entire game of business. In “
Business Insight,” a short video, Taylor explains how it’s not enough to just out-bid a competitor or offer just one more additional service to a customer. The most successful businesses build strong relationships with their customers, tap high levels of creativity and ingenuity from their team, and stand far apart from common competitors.

The right technology will help launch you out of the status quo. Microsoft Dynamics® GP offers state-of-the-art technology that can provide the insight you need to take your business to the next level. This integrated solution will help you improve productivity, boost profitability, and provide unsurpassed customer service. Doing the same thing every day will yield the same results. Break away from what everyone is doing and contact The Resource Group at or call us at 425.277.4760 for more information about how Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you win big by being different.
Working With Large Amounts of Data in Microsoft Excel

Collecting data is important to any business and analyzing it is critical to making the important decisions that drive growth. Large amounts of data, however, can be difficult to weed through. Worse yet, large databases often take time to search through. Just when it seems like you are looking for a needle in the haystack, save time by using the AutoFilter feature built into Microsoft Excel®.

The Microsoft Excel AutoFilter offers three types of mutually exclusive filters: you can search by list values, format, or by criteria. These filter types can search through a range of cells or column table. You can only search for one criteria at a time, not several. As such, the table must be comprised of discrete storage formats. For example, avoid using text and a number in a single column. Once you find the dataset you need, you can edit, print, or chart it without rearranging or moving the data into another table.

Using AutoFilter to find the important data can save you time that you can use on other important tasks. Check out the Microsoft Excel Blog “Find data in a range or table” for additional details on using the AutoFilter feature and for other ways to optimize your use of Excel.
How to Streamline Your Budgeting & Forecasting
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Hear How Our Customer Have Had Success with Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Resource Group clients are doing some amazing things! We have started a collection of videos to showcase the power of a strong partnership when it comes to your business management systems. View these videos to learn how other companies are leveraging Microsoft Dynamics GP and their partnership with The Resource Group to achieve success.
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