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Sunday documentary
I’m writing following last night’s Sunday (TV 1) documentary ‘The Price of Milk'.

The programme has resulted in many of our farmers taking to social media to air concerns.  I share these concerns, and there is certainly a bias in some of the media that we are working hard to correct through information, strong relationships and positive story telling.

Last year when we heard about this documentary, we approached the production company to provide information and we offered them farmers and industry spokespeople to interview.  Several were interviewed, but none of their footage or commentary was included in the final cut.  

In my job, I’m fortunate enough to see the good work you are doing on your farms, and the amazing connections you have into your communities. 

Good dairying must be made more visible, especially to those that are commentating, those in regulation setting positions, and to our neighbours in the cities and towns.

At DairyNZ we are upping the ante in our efforts to engage with the media, the public and special interest groups to tell the real story of dairying. 

As farmers living and working on the land, I urge you to continue to keep up the good work. We all have a role to play in the economy of our country, in staff development, in animal welfare and in care for the environment and our waterways.

To inform and change perceptions it is crucial to reach outside your circle of farming and rural friends.  Tell it how it really is to people who may not know much about farming life, but enjoy their milk, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, etc., which arrives on their tables in a container conveniently purchased from the supermarket. Tell them you produce high quality food, and you’re proud of it. 

We recognise that dairy is in the spotlight at the moment, especially in an election year, so should the media directly approach you, or you want to reach out to them, feel free to come to DairyNZ for support and advice – 0800 4 DairyNZ (0800 4 324 7969).

We are working closely as a sector and with Government on these challenges.  We all have the same vision – a country that is justifiably proud of our dairy sector.

Tim Mackle
Chief Executive
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