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The Resource Newsletter - May 2013
For Microsoft Dynamics GP Users
10 Suggestions For You to Do Every Day at Work
Many people thrive on creating lists to make them feel more productive. The simple act of crossing a task off on a piece of paper can have the immediate byproduct of accomplishing more. And let’s face it, being productive feels good!

Recently, there was a 
LinkedIn article by J.T. O’Donnell that was inspiring enough to print to post as a daily reminder.  Sometimes we need that check list to help us through the days of ‘same old’ and/or ‘craziness’.  When work gets too busy, many important things get put on hold and sometimes our lists are all we have to keep us focused and on track to our end goal.

Hopefully this list of 10 things to do every day helps you accomplish both your personal and business goals.  As a trusted Microsoft Dynamics® GP provider, helping our valued clients stay on track through the use of robust and intuitive technology is our top goal.
Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is Released

Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Dynamics GP is now available. As with many software upgrades, this is one you’ll want to get your hands on right away. This important release offers big value to customers and partners, including the new RapidStart service, the Web client with impressive “hostability,” and boasts seamless integration with other Microsoft products such as Microsoft® Office 365. Don’t delay, get your hands on these innovative updates, as well as more than 125 feature enhancements, and deploy Service Pack 1 as soon as possible.

Find all the links you need to get started by reading “
Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is now available!,” post on

We suggest you contact us prior to installing any service pack updates for guidance and support. Please contact your customer account manager at The Resource Group by calling 425.277.4760.
Quickly Access All Reports in Management Reporter

Save time clicking through file folders and email inboxes and get your hands on your critical business information by using Management Reporter. The reports that you and your team create in Microsoft Dynamics GP can be easily found by creating a default report link location in Management Reporter.

In this short video titled “
Using the default report link location for easy access to Management Reporter reports,” created by the Microsoft Dynamics team, you can view step-by-step instructions on creating default report links for the reports you use. Click on the updated Output and Distribution tab to create a report link with the option to generate to a single location. Choose between using a SharePoint location or network file sharing location for report links. The report links are shortcuts that allow you to open an Excel report, Management Reporter report, or another file type without having to open Management Reporter.

Get more information on Management Reporter by contacting us at 425.277.4760 or email.

You're Invited
The Resource Group's 25th Anniversary Celebration

June 13, 2013
4 PM - Early Evening
The Golf Club at Newcastle

Please join us to help celebrate 25 years of successful business. We would not be at this epic milestone if it weren't for our fabulous clients and partners. Appetizers and drinks will be served. Games and prizes will be featured throughout the evening.

Please RSVP by June 5
email or call 425.277.4760

Invites were emailed through, an online event management system.  Please invite your team members as well
The Resource Group's 25th Anniversary Monthly Savings

25% Off Performance Pack

Get your Microsoft Dynamics GP system in shape with our Performance Pack.  It's loaded with tools you can use to make you more efficient inside your accounting system.  Examples of these tools include Account Segment Zero Fill, Improved Windows Inquiry and Quick Bank Transaction Entry.  View the Performance Pack brochure
 or watch this short video on how it helps you.

25% Off Microsoft Dynamics GP User Licenses

Purchase 2 or more additional Microsoft Dynamics GP users licenses and you will receive a 25% discount on the retail software value.  Please contact your customer account manager for all details on this promotion.
Contact The Resource Group Client Account Managers
 Holly Miller Jones
425.277.4760 ext. 115

Brady Curtis
425.277.4760 ext. 111

Craig Mosier
425.277.4760 ext. 110
Microsoft's Existing Customer Year End Sale

30% Discount on A' la Carte Modules
Microsoft Dynamics GP customers can receive up to a 30% discount when they purchase two or more modules or granules from the list of Microsoft Dynamics GP a la carte modules and granules listed below. 
  • Integration Suite
  • Dexterity
  • Customization Suite
  • Developer Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics
  • Smart List Builder
  • Human Resources Advanced
  • Payroll Advanced (US)
  • PTO Manager
  • Benefits Self Service Suite

Ends June 21, 2013!  Promotional pricing does not include the enhancement plan or services.  Please contact your customer account manager for more details on the promotion as there are exclusions.
Microsoft Dynamics GP Class Schedule

View all upcoming classes online at

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP
August 7, 2013
November 12, 2013
Management Reporter
July 16-17, 2013
October 23-24, 2013

SmartList Builder with Excel Reports
July 25, 2013
October 18, 2013

Download the entire class schedule.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Enhancement Plans - Which Level Is Right for You?
by Sheri Carney,
The Resource Group

Month Quarter and Year Selection for SmartLists in Microsoft Dynamics GP
by Mike Smith,  The Resource Group

Easy Navigation Options in Microsoft Dynamics GP Part 3
by Mike Smith,  The Resource Group
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