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Business Insights - December 2013
This is the age of the customer, and providing superior customer service has never been more important. If you drop the ball or miss out on an opportunity to impress your customers, then you can be replaced in mere minutes. More often than not, consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to research products and services. The businesses that are listening and paying attention to their customers are the ones who will develop meaningful, long-term relationships with their customer base.

Technology can be your foundation for running a successful business and improving communications with customers. Microsoft Dynamics® GP and Intacct can give you control over your internal operations and many external factors. Manage your financials, supply chain, manufacturing and distribution operations, control inventory, and streamline operations so that you can respond faster to new opportunities and customer demands. Tap in to social media and listen to what your prospects and customers are saying. Leverage these opportunities to expand customer services and grow your business.

The right business management solutions can drive growth, while the wrong ones can hold you back.

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The Resource Group Now Offering Intacct Financial Management Software

Intacct's sole focus is on building amazing professional-strength financial management and accounting applications that fit into your existing business infrastructure and integrate well with the key applications you use to run your business. Intacct gives you the freedom to choose and deploy the best applications for each of your departments. Intacct delivers a
comprehensive, fully integrated financial management and accounting system, which meets the needs of your evolving business.

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eBook: Best Practices for Choosing the Right Accounting Software

Download this eBook from Intacct to learn how to achieve best-in-class financial management by choosing the right accounting software for your business.
What Do You Do When You've Outgrown Your Entry-Level Business Software?

The day may be on the horizon when you notice that your business has grown and your current accounting software solution has reached its limits. This kind of thing is bound to happen to most successful companies, especially small- or mid-size startups that have expanded products or services, and are attracting more customers. Do you know what you will do when this day comes?

To make the transition to a new solution easier, The Resource Group has developed a Business Success Kit to help you select your next business software solution and Partner.
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Novadent Case Study | Dental Laboratory Gains Business Success Moving From QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Novadent, an Issaquah, Wash.-based dental laboratory group gains business insight and saves time moving from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamice GP.
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Zombie Computers and the Cybercrime Center Protecting Users

There is something worse than the fictional brain-hungry zombies that appear in many of today’s TV shows and movies – a zombie computer. Instead of eating brains, they’ll gobble up funds from your bank account and rack up hefty credit card bills. According to "
Digital Detectives," posted on by Jennifer Warnick, the hero of our story is the Cybercrime Center created by Microsoft.

Last year, 500 million zombie computers located in homes and offices in 90 countries came to life and ate up half a billion dollars over an 18-month time period from students, bankers, businesses, and other unknowing people. The botnet, known as Citadel, was stopped by a team of FBI agents, bank investigators, technology researchers, and Microsoft. The Cybercrime Center involves a collaboration between law enforcement agencies and technology experts from Microsoft as well as their partners and customers.

As noted in the article, cybercrimes cost the global economy nearly $500 billion annually. The goal of Microsoft’s Cybercrime Center is to develop the tools and techniques that can discover and stop cybercrimes, and to share that information with law enforcement all over the world. It’s nice to know that the Cybercrime Center is making the global internet a little safer.

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According to a survey conducted by Visa, 40% of adults carry less than $20 in their wallet.
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