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Business Insights - June 2012

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In the June issue of
Entrepreneur Magazine they feature an article with Richard Branson. One of the key quotes made by Branson was:

All startups should be thinking, what frustrates me and how can I make it better? It might be a small thing or it might be a big thing, but that’s the best way for them to think. If they think like that, they’re likely to build a very successful business.”

While this quote has an emphasis on a startup businesses, there is a key component that we should consider regardless of the company's age: what frustrates me and our customers and how can we make it better? It is easier for us to know what frustrates ourselves and even other employees and work to fix that. Next we take it a step further to find out what frustrates customers. You can also do this by talking directly to your own customers, prospects or even your customer service department. By doing this you may find a common thread that will show you how to make your business, product and/or service even stronger and better.

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Be the Leader Your Company Needs You to Be!

While it may feel natural to push up your sleeves and get involved in the nitty-gritty of running your business, you may be missing the opportunity to steer your company in the right direction. Spending your days handling the day-to-day tasks isn’t enough to corner the marketplace or beat out competitors. As Paul J. H. Schoemaker discusses in his article “
6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers” posted on, you need to let your staff do the busywork while you make the strategic plans that will lead your company to success.

Schoemaker’s six habits include being able to anticipate the next step, the next product or service, or what lies beyond the current boundaries of your business. Watching and preparing for opportunities beyond the standard will lead to more sales and business growth. Good strategic leaders are critical thinkers and learn from success and failure. Following the “we always did it this way” rule will ensure that you maintain status quo. Challenging beliefs, opinions, and getting to the root causes of both successes and failures will help you learn how to optimize opportunities and anticipate challenges.

Are you standing strong at the helm of your ship or too busy paddling? Check out Schoemaker’s six habits to learn how to be the strategic leader and stay ahead of your competition.

Experience Microsoft Dynamics GP

Please enjoy this 30-day trial offer of Microsoft Dynamics GP from The Resource Group. With this trial you can experience for yourself how a powerful accounting software solution helps you do more with less. As you explore this trial you will experience the:

  • Flexible account structure for the general ledger
  • Powerful reporting and business intelligence tools
  • Familiarity of Microsoft Office solutions

*The free trial is hosted in a Cloud environment. The Resource Group offers both Cloud and on-premise deployment options of Microsoft Dynamics GP and can help you determine which is best for your business needs.

IT-Free Microsoft Dynamics GP, Why the Cloud May Be Right for You

There is a lot of buzz around Cloud computing solutions. If you are looking to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics GP or upgrade your current version, does it make sense for you to consider an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution in the Cloud? Here are some of the advantages to hosting your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution in a Cloud environment.

Microsoft Has Your Back—A Troubleshooting Resource for Office 365

As busy as our days can be in this 24/7 world, we don’t have time to try to figure out why our software isn’t working or how to do something new with our software. Using precious time to click buttons and try to work through software issues means that it will take us longer to get our work completed. In this Office 365 Blog: Troubleshooting Tool and Other Technical Resources for Office 365, Microsoft describes great time-saving resources for Office 365 users that can answer your software questions quicker and get you back to work.

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QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP, Why the Leap is Essential for a Growing Business

Is it time to move from QuickBooks to a full
ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP? It’s a question that many companies have to ask at some point when growth and increasing complexity push the limits of QuickBooks functionality and capabilities to meet their needs. Price is obviously a factor in this decision, but you also need to consider the advantages of a system that enables future growth and provides invaluable information to decision-makers to assist them in guiding that growth. Read more.

QuickBooks vs. Microsoft Dynamics GP: A General Ledger Comparison

Watch this quick 2 minute video

View Customer Testimonial Videos

The Resource Group clients are doing some amazing things! We have started a collection of videos to showcase the power of a strong partnership when it comes to your business management systems. View these videos to learn how other companies are leveraging Microsoft Dynamics GP and their partnership with The Resource Group to achieve success.

AAA Washington Partners with The Resource Group for services and support of Microsoft Dynamics GP

KLIM Selects The Resource Group to Help Streamline their Microsoft Dynamics GP Solution

Northwest Podiatric Laboratories Goes Digital with The Resource Group and Microsoft Dynamics

The Right ERP Solution Will Save You Time and Money

Small businesses often start off with limited software programs that meet the basic needs of a start-up. As the company grows over time, the entry level software becomes outdated and no longer matches the needs of a growing business.

MarketLeader, a local Seattle company that provides innovative online technology and marketing solutions for real estate professionals, experience very fast growth and needed to ensure systems were in place to make it successful. MarketLeader leveraged their relationship with The Resource Group and Microsoft Dynamics GP to help their subscription based business manage a quick growth of 16,000 users to 45,000 users. Selecting The Resource Group and Microsoft Dynamics GP gave them the flexibility to manage their growth efficiently and stay focused on their business' goals. Watch this short video to hear how they saved time and money with their ERP solution.

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The Resource Group – In the News

The Resource Group Launches Help Desk Support Plans for Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Resource Group Launches 30-Day Free Trial of Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Resource Group Named to Bob Scott's Top 100 VARs

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