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Business Insights -  April 2013
What Does Your Organization Have In Common with Airports?

A lot more than you may think!

In Seth Godin’s blog, "
Eleven things organizations can learn from airports", he attests airports don't understand that the way they run things (impersonal and profit driven) can really hurt their bottom line. Airports may presume we have no choice, but we do…we can stay home.

Your customers have a choice too. They can go somewhere else. Which may make you wonder - what are you doing that will make them stay?

The best thing we can all do to make sure customers stay put is to provide quality customer service and the best way to provide great customer service is by having business management software that provides insight and control. In business, knowledge is power and having real-time access to that knowledge is crucial to your success.
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Leveraging Technology To Give You the Edge

As quickly as technology evolves, it’s not a big surprise that businesses are struggling to keep up with the tools that can give them an edge over competitors. After all, it takes time and money to stay on top of innovative gadgets and software solutions.

According to a report by Ventana Research discussed in “
6 Technologies for a Competitive Advantage in 2013: Can Microsoft Dynamics Users Capitalize?,” posted by Bridget McCrea on, 56% of companies rank technology as “very important,” but only 9% admit to being able to maximize the today’s innovative technologies.

The top six technologies, suggested by Ventana, to provide the best competitive advantages include big data, business analytics, business and social collaboration, cloud computing, mobile technology, and social media. Either individually or combined, these innovative ideas and technologies can improve business efficiency, worker productivity, profitability, and boost customer satisfaction rates. You can begin harnessing these powerful technologies by implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software like the Microsoft Dynamics® ERP solutions, and customer relationship management (CRM) software like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM without breaking the bank.

Leveraging today’s technology can give you a competitive advantage by using insight and control to improve business operations, spot new opportunities, and improve customer service. Contact The Resource Group at 425.277.4760 or email to discuss how you can gain the edge by implementing ERP and CRM software solutions.

Treat Your Supply Chain as an Asset - Get Results

Treat your supply chain well and she'll give you the results you need to drive growth. Results of a PwC report show that companies recognizing their supply chain as a strategic asset received 70% higher performance. According to "Moving Ahead of the Pack: New Data on the Role of ERP in Next-Generation Supply Chains" posted on by Bridget McCrea, the 45% of businesses surveyed who considered their supply chain as an asset focused on quality, cost, and flexibility to satisfy customer demands, all of which promotes business growth.

Insight and control over your supply chain makes it easier to satisfy ever-changing customer demands in a fluctuating marketplace. Innovative technology, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, provides the foundation for supply chain management. With this solution you can automate data sharing, gain visibility, and improve communication and collaboration both internally and throughout your supply chain network. Cut costs, control inventory, and get products to customers faster and more affordably by coordinating supplier data with customer needs.

As McCrea suggests, successful companies have an "efficient, fast, and tailored" supply chain which puts them ahead of their competitors. Contact The Resource Group at 425.277.4760 or via email at for more information about Microsoft Dynamics GP and how you can get the results you want out of your supply chain.
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