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Business Insights - November
The Right Tool for the Job

With technology at our very fingertips, how is it that we still lose data, documents, and the very insight that we need to drive business growth? Most often, it’s a problem with having the wrong technology, such as software that is too basic for a growing business.

Start-up or smaller businesses often use basic accounting processes and spreadsheets because they meet simple needs. However, as a business grows - offering more products and services to a increasing number of customers - basic software is simply unable to keep up with growth. Spreadsheets and specialty software may be useful for small amounts of data, but are not powerful enough to handle larger volumes. Also, disparate solutions make it difficult to verify data accuracy and find meaning in your data.

When you begin to notice that your entry-level software is holding you back instead of propelling your business forward, then it’s time to find a more appropriate business solution. The proper solution can provide greater control and insight over your business operations. The right technology can streamline productivity, boost profitability, and support your growth. 

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Give Me 5 Promotion

When moving to a new business software solution, budget can be one of the most important factors as well. Microsoft Dynamics GP is one of the most robust ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems available today either in the Cloud or on premise. With the
Give Me 5 offer, Microsoft is making your decision and transition even easier.

The Starter Pack, which includes Core Financials and Distribution functionality, is designed to help customers:
  • Gain control and insight over their finances
  • Purchase and sell items and materials
  • Pay and manage employees 
Hurry, the promotion ends December 20, 2013!
Take Your Business Up A Notch With The Right Tool

How would you like to take your business to a whole new level? If so, it may be time to shed your entry-level business software and move into a more powerful solution that can take your business to new heights. Download this free e-book, "
Outgrowing QuickBooks," posted on to see what happens when you trade disparate systems for an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Today’s ERP solutions can provide greater control and insight into your business operations than what you can get by using disparate, specialty software solutions and hand-crafted spreadsheets. Through a single, robust ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can manage core business operations, as well as multiple lines of business, in multiple currencies, and with multi-site locations. Integrated solutions also offer time-saving automation that can improve productivity and added visibility to improve profitability. 

Email The Resource Group at or call 877.287.4760 for more information about using an ERP solution to boost sales, streamline operations, and drive the growth that can take your business to a whole new level.

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Ryan Franklin, PMP, The Resource Group

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Does the State of Your Desk Impede Productivity?

What does your desk look like? If you have neatly stacked files and can see the better part of your desktop, then you are likely to be more organized than a colleague with a cluttered desk. Being disorganized is counter-productive. However, is a cluttered desk a genuine symbol of poor productivity? Possibly.

According to "Have Us Save Your Messy Desk!", posted on by Miles Kohrman, the messy desks at the Huffington Post were going to get a desk make-over. As Kohrman points out, the environment can have a greater effect on our mood and productivity than we may realize. The more paper and clutter that accumulates in our office spaces can create a greater and growing distraction. Over time, stacks of annoying files or other unpleasant views can become an irritation that leads to frustration. Constant frustration can wear down your mood and faculties, further reducing productivity.

On the other hand, a tidy office with pleasant artwork can make you feel comfortable, confident, and inspired to check some things off the daily "to do" list.  Why not give your office a mini desk make-over and see if a new look and better organization can give your productivity a boost.
Fun Fact
Forbes recently released their annual list of top-earning dead stars. They are:
  • Michael Jackson – $160 million
  • Elvis Presley – $55 million
  • Charles Schulz – $37 million
  • Elizabeth Taylor – $25 million
  • Bob Marley – $18 million
Who surprises you most?
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