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Business Insights -  June 2013
A Change of Focus Offers a Whole New View and a New Attitude

As business owners and managers, we tend to be critical and maybe even over-analyze the things we did and didn’t do during the week. We focus on how to squeeze a few extra minutes into our days so that we can accomplish more. Thinking about what is left to be done and how quickly time goes by increases the stress factor and actually reduces your productivity.

Instead of standing at the bottom of the mountain, always looking at the top, take a moment to reflect on how far you have come. That is what Vanessa Merit Nornberg suggested in “Keep Up the Self-Scrutiny—or Try This,” posted on After attending a leadership workshop that included listing her accomplishments, Nornberg was surprised at her long list of successes. After reflecting on each major milestone of her business, she felt a newfound energy and drive for her business mission and purpose.

Business owners and managers will always have challenges to face, projects to tackle, and mountains to climb. Instead of lamenting on how long the journey is taking, take stock on how far you’ve come already. Be proud of your accomplishments and use that energy to take you to greater heights.

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Ten Things To Do Every Work Day

Many people thrive on creating lists to make them feel more productive. The simple act of crossing a task off on a piece of paper can have the immediate byproduct of accomplishing more. And let’s face it, being productive feels good!

This LinkedIn article by J.T. O’Donnell may inspire you enough to print off the list she provides. Sometimes we need a check list to help us through the day. When work gets busy, many important things get put on hold and sometimes our lists are all we have to keep us focused and on track to our end goal.

We hope this list of 10 things to do every day helps you in accomplishing your personal and business goals. Learn how The Resource Group can help you on the path to productivity by visiting
In Pursuit of Business Intelligence

Starting the quest for business intelligence (BI) should begin by evaluating the tools you have available. Many small- and mid-sized businesses are already shedding basic accounting software for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® ERP, that can provide more insight than simple accounting data. An integrated solution, like the Microsoft suite of ERP solutions, offer built-in BI functionality in addition to detailed reporting features. Simply using the right ERP technology can start you on the right path to creating achievable strategic goals, as well as staying on track to reach them.

As noted in “
Dynamics Introspective: Where should Microsoft Dynamics customers begin their BI journey?,” posted by Jason Gumpert on, users can harness additional BI by building dashboards in Microsoft® Excel. Many users are already familiar with the interface or are comfortable with Microsoft features, which makes it easier to learn additional Excel functions. Once you are able to capture the specific data you need, you can use SQL Server and SharePoint to share the data with your team.

Third-party BI add-ons are also available but not always necessary. Specific business goals and IT capabilities can help you determine whether a third party BI add-on is necessary, and affordable. Contact The Resource Group at or call 877.287.4760 for additional guidance in your pursuit of BI.
Fun Fact:

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