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Business Insights -  March 2013
Making the Right Connections

Your business survives by making the right connection; you talk to the right customers, hire the right employees, and work with the right partners to make everything run as it should. But those connections also need to be connected and this goes further than just being friends on Facebook or LinkedIn…although that doesn’t hurt.

With the right technology, you can connect your people by keeping them all on the same wavelength when it comes to business operations. For example, integrated and flexible software that connects the warehouse with sales can streamline business processes more than you could imagine. With this simple and streamlined connection between the two departments, you’re creating an optimal work environment for all: keeping morale high and inaccuracies low.

This streamlined workflow also connects your people with your customers. With up-to-date and accurate information about customer history, your people have the information they need to serve your customers better and in a more timely fashion.

While you’re developing a plan to make the right connections to ensure business success, don’t forget to connect your business while you’re at it with the right technology.

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It's Not Just About IT Anymore

If you were to ask your Chief Information Officer (CIO) about the goals for the coming year, it is likely that they will answer to improve analytics and business intelligence, as well as introduce or boost mobile technologies. That is part of what Gartner found from a survey of over 2,000 CIOs.

According to “
Many CIOs moving beyond IT: Survey,” posted on by Joe McKendrick, CIOs aren’t solely focused on installing software and re-booting servers. Increasing changes in technology are changing the roles of IT leaders. Many CIOs are now responsible for ecommerce and other digital channels, marking the rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) title. Whether you call the manager of your IT department a CIO or CDO, IT leaders are often in charge of making sure your business is operating with cutting edge technology, optimizing all that enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can offer, and making sure that ERP is aligned with corporate goals.

The Gartner survey also indicated that IT budgets appear to be down for another year, which makes the CIO even more relevant. Streamlining business operations and automation through the use of technology can improve productivity, help business do more with less, and improve the bottom line. Contact The Resource Group at 425.277.4760 or via email at for more information about arming your IT leaders with the right technology to reach your business goals this year.
Fun Fact:

In a recent survey conducted by The Wall Street Journal and Vistage International, small business owners ranked social media sites as follows for having the most potential to provide benefits to their company: LinkedIn 41%, Facebook 14%, Twitter 3%, YouTube 16%, Google+ 4%, Pinterest 2%, Other sites or none at all 20%.
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