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Make Reconciling Effortless with the Reconcile to GL Utility for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Reconciling your accounts receivable and accounts payable subsidiary modules to the general ledger is never an easy or fun task. Sometimes, you’re spot on; other times, you’re drowning in a sea of detailed trial balances and have the pleasure of analyzing data one line after another. However, this task has been made much easier in Microsoft Dynamics GP with the Reconcile to GL utility.

The Reconcile to GL utility allows you to select the subsidiary ledger you would like to reconcile, either Payables or Receivables. When the utility is run, it will produce an Excel spreadsheet that compares all of the subsidiary module transactions to the general ledger and will break the transactions into 3 distinct areas: Unmatched Transactions, Potentially Matched Transactions, and Matched Transactions. Thus identifying the transactions causing the reconciliation differences and letting you know what needs to be fixed.

Read more on how to use the Reconcile to GL Utility.

View Customer Testimonial Videos

The Resource Group clients are doing some amazing things! We have started a collection of videos to showcase the power of a strong partnership when it comes to your business management systems. View these videos to learn how other companies are leveraging Microsoft Dynamics GP and their partnership with The Resource Group to achieve success.

Interested in having The Resource Group produce a video of your company? Contact us to get started

    Introducing Help Desk Support Plan Options

    The Resource Group is excited to offer a Help Desk Support Plan for your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution. Our plans have been designed to give you bundled services for support, events and training at a lower cost.

    What are the benefits of a Help Desk Support Plan?
    • Reduce the amount of $50 minimum support invoices
    • Plan your company's yearly budget for support, services and training—at a discounted rate
    • Empower your team to quickly access support so they can keep focused on daily goals and tasks
    • Enjoy savings on the RG Connect customer conference and training classes
    With 3 different levels to choose from- Bronze, Silver and Gold -there is an option to fit your needs. Read more about our Help Desk Support Plan option details and FAQs.

    Refer A Friend To The Resource Group And Get Up To $550 In Amazon Gift Cards

    The Resource Group has amazing customers and we want to work with more companies like you! That's why we have a generous customer referral program that allows you to earn up to $550 in Amazon gift cards. Send us a referral and we'll send you a $50 gift card right away. If your referral becomes a customer, we'll send you an additional Amazon gift card ($500 for new software sale and $250 if they already own Microsoft Dynamics GP). Learn more and submit a referral today at

    Attention Microsoft Dynamics GP Version 10.0 Customers
    The End is Near for Mainstream Support

    October 9, 2012, marks the end of Microsoft's Mainstream Support coverage for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0.

    Microsoft will provide a 2012 Year-End Update to all U.S and Canadian Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 customers. Microsoft also will provide Round 1 U.S. tax tables for the 2013 Payroll reporting. However, no additional code updates will be released for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0.

    Technical support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 will be provided during the Extended Support phase, which is scheduled to end on October 10, 2017. This means that Microsoft and The Resource Group will continue to support customers on Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 throughout this extended period, but no code changes (e.g. Hot Fixes, Service Packs) will be made for that version.

    To continue to receive regulatory and/or code updates following the January 2013 Round 1 Tax Update, you must upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 or Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 (due for release in December 2012).

    Information on Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Please contact your Customer Account Manager at The Resource Group ( or for more information regarding the time and cost commitment of a software upgrade.

    Upcoming Summer Events

    How to Streamline Your Budgeting & Forecasting

    Wednesday, July 18
    Thursday, Aug 16
    Wednesday, Sept 19

    11 am-1 pm
    Lunch Provided

    Cost: $0, registration required

    How to Address Key Sales Tax Challenges
    Thursday, July 19
    11-11:45 am

    Cost: $0, registration required

    IT-Free Microsoft Dynamics GP, Why the Cloud May Be Right for You

    There is a lot of buzz around Cloud computing solutions. If you are looking to upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics® GP system to the current version, does it make sense for you to consider moving your solution to the Cloud?

    Here are some reasons why Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud may be right for you:

    • No need to buy a server: Because the software is hosted on remote servers, the entire infrastructure needed to run Microsoft Dynamics GP is taken care of for you.
    • Keep your workstation: The minimum requirements to run Microsoft Dynamics GP in a hosted environment are much lower than on-premise, which minimizes costly upgrades.
    • Fewer IT resources: Microsoft Dynamics GP can be IT free. No need to worry your IT department to keep a server running, updated and backed-up. Get a new computer? No problem. You can easily access your hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP system in a few minutes with support from your Cloud provider.

    Read more on Cloud benefits

    Spring Into Summer Sale
    Now-June 22, 2012

    GP User Offer
    Up to 20% off*

    GP Module Offer
    Up to 15% off al a cart modules*

    Performance Tune-up Offer
    Get the first month free when you sign up for monthly performance tuning.*

    Copy/Paste Bundle Offer.
    Get GL Copy/Paste with AP Copy/Paste for discounted price of $2,000 ($500 savings)*

    *Conditions Apply. Contact us for complete offer details.

    Classroom Training for Microsoft Dynamics GP

    – July 12

    Sales Order Processing – July 20

    Purchase Order Processing – July 17

    Introduction to Dynamics GP – August 14

    General Ledger
    – August 15

    Receivables Management – August 22

    SmartList Builder with Excel Report Builder – August 30

    Management Reporter – September 17

    Get registered for a training class here.

    Need help registering?
    Email or call 425.277.4760.
    Download our Microsoft Dynamics GP Training Schedule Brochure

    Save the Date:
    RG Connect 2012
    Thursday, October 11, 2012

    RG Connect 2012 will be The Resource Group’s 12th Annual Microsoft Dynamics Customer Conference in Seattle. Each year, we have more than 100 Microsoft Dynamics customers attend this day-long event to network with peers, see the latest technology from Microsoft and its Partners, and most importantly learn how to use their system better.

    Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Events
    Cost is $0 for the following events but registration is required.

    July 11 Webcast: Best Practices for Report Distribution and Sharing Key Metrics

    Attend this webcast to learn how you can share report information in your company from your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution. We'll show you the tools available, share some best practices on report distribution and show you how to setup key metrics.

    August 7 User Group: Should I Move My Microsoft Dynamics GP System to the Cloud?
    Microsoft Dynamics GP now offers the choice of on-premise deployment, Cloud-based solution, or a combination of the two. Hosted ERP solutions give IT departments the flexibility to replace on-premise servers with a hosted equivalent, ultimately helping to reduce the costs incurred in managing their solution. Rather than buying client access licenses and servers, customers pay a subscription fee for this ERP hosting service Attend this user group meeting to learn more about moving your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution to the Cloud and how to determine if it is the right move for your business.

    August 22 Webcast: Operational Reviews are the Key Ingredient to Fully Utilizing Your Microsoft Dynamics GP System

    Operational reviews of your Microsoft Dynamics GP system help your organization increase efficiency, make better business decisions as well as help improve your employee satisfaction. Learn why you should take the time to do an operational review for your Microsoft Dynamics GP system and the success other customers have experienced.

    Dynamics University Magazine Summer Issue Released

    The second issue of the Dynamics University Magazine was just released. The magazine contains helpful articles and tips & tricks for Microsoft Dynamics customers. Check out the online version of the Dynamics University Magazine on our website.

    The Resource Group is a participating member of the new Dynamics University, a nationwide group of premiere Microsoft partners focused on providing learning opportunities to Microsoft Dynamics users. Dynamics University provides education and training through a quarterly magazine, website/blog, and through a regular schedule of webinars

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