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September 2016 Issue
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The Resource Group Awarded BI360 U.S. Gold Partner of the Year
Solver recently honored their BI360 partners for demonstrating significant customer impact by delivering the BI360 Suite to help customers optimize their corporate performance management processes. 

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Critical Ingredients for ERP Systems Documentation

Selecting an ERP system is a daunting task. However, there is a recipe to ensure success when choosing a new enterprise resource planning software system.

Watch this video to see all the ingredients needed.
Intacct 2016 Release 3 Features 22 Updates
Intacct recently launched its latest software update. Intacct 2016 Release 3 features 22 updates including some big changes. Some of these recent changes include:
Intacct Spend Control
A new module that warns or prevents users from posting a Purchasing transaction, if it violates a predefined budget.

Drop Ship Workflow
With Drop Ship Workflow, the system will automatically create a Purchasing transaction when an Order Entry is posted for certain Items.

New Statement & Invoice Customizations
Within a statement, users now have the ability to customize where we previously couldn’t. And within an iInvoice, users now have the ability to add in customer aging boxes.

Projects module
You now have the ability to schedule a resource for same task in multiple segments.

Contracts Integration with Digital Board Book (DBB)
The Contracts module is specifically designed for companies trying to comply with ASC 605 for Revenue Recognition.

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From Financial Visibility to Business Insight—The Tech-Savvy CFO
October 6 at 11AM PT     
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Everyone is turning to you for answers… So, where do you turn for the technology to give you those answers?

As the CFO, you're the go-to source for accurate information about company performance—no excuses, no delays. You need modern technology to transform visibility into the meaningful insights that create efficiency and shape your organization's future.
Webinar: Got Workflow?
October 11 | 2 pm PT
Put the power of automated workflows in your hands. Learn how built-in, electronic approval capabilities provide you the ability to see the complete history of a transaction, not only allowing you to put in place proper accounting controls, but creating complete visibility into your system.

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Webinar: Dashboards Made Easy
November 10 | 2 pm PT

We’ll show you how simple it is to create dashboards that pull information directly from the ERP system into intuitive, informative and useful formats of your choosing, providing you the ability to have timely and accurate data from which to make your key business decisions.

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ERP Feature Comparison - Intacct vs Dynamics GP:  Multi-Entity Management

Are you managing multiple companies in one accounting system? Microsoft Dynamics GP includes unlimited companies (entities). Intacct includes one single entity with the ability to add unlimited, additional entities for a small, per-entity fee.

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