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Owner’s Protective Professional Indemnity (OPPI)

Program Brokerage Corporation (PBC) is equipped with a Professional Liability Division that can help producers act as well-informed consultants to their professional and management liability clients. With the right knowledge, market access and service practices, we can support you with your professional liability marketing challenges to secure the right liability coverage for your clientele.

An Owner’s Protective Professional Indemnity (OPPI) policy was developed to provide owners of construction projects an alternative or supplement to project-specific professional liability policies.  This policy provides a safety net for Owners and Developers when professional and pollution liability coverage limits are inadequate.

Territory: Worldwide          Limits: Up to $100 million
Coverage Highlights:
  • Broad Design Professional Definition: policy defines Design Professional as "professionally qualified", which extends coverage to disciplines that do not normally have a professional licensing standard including construction management, sprinkler, fire protection, life safety, security systems, lighting, acoustical, signage, feasibility, landscaping, software consulting, etc.
  • Broad Professional Services Definition: extends coverage to Construction Managers, Contractor Activities, and design delegated activities undertaken by the contractor.
  • Broad Pollution Coverage: includes coverage for Mold, Bacteria, Radioactive matter, and Natural Resource Damages.
  • Intentional Acts: no exclusion for intentional acts of Design Professionals.
  • Minimum Insurance Requirement: policy affirmatively states that failure to maintain Minimum Insurance Requirement by Design Professional shall not relieve carrier of their obligations.
  • Project Delay: provides automatic extension of policy period for project delay.
  • Punitive Damages: punitive damages covered where allowable by law.
  • Supplemental Coverages: provides additional coverage for Third Party Claims Expense for Disciplinary Proceedings, Litigation Expense and Subpoena Expenses outside of policy limits.
  • Third Party Defense Coverage: carrier will defend and pay on behalf for Third Party Claims.
  • Waiver of Subrogation: coverage includes Waiver of Subrogation for Design and Construction Entities

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