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Business Insights - April 2012


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Avoid Hurting Your Business with Good Intentions

In business, having good intentions isn’t always in everyone’s best interest. In a recent article from Fortune, The good intentions that will kill your business, they bring up a novel concept to get you to change your thinking.

As an example there is a sign hanging in some kitchens that reads “You have two choices for dinner: Take It or Leave It”. You may wonder what that phrase has to do with business since we are accustomed to doing whatever it takes to please the customer. Follow the original train of thought for just a minute. If there was a big group of people and you asked all of them what they wanted to eat you are likely to receive as many different requests as there are people in the group. You could spend all kinds of effort trying to please everyone and in the process spread yourself so thin that you don’t do a good job for anyone. On the other hand, if you tell everyone that you are making your specialty there is a good chance that you will end up pleasing most, if not all of the people because they knew what they were getting and you were able to focus your energy into what you do best.
This is just an example of one way you can hurt your business by trying to please everyone. In the end you will just frustrate your customers. Take a minute and think about what you are doing that could be hurting your company. You may be surprised that the problems are coming from your solutions. Read more.

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned, Count Your Pennies with Microsoft Dynamics GP

If you are in the business of counting pennies, you are probably also counting time as it correlates to payroll and other human resources issues. Managing people with multiple salary rates, benefit packages, and other factors can be a real challenge to any human resources and accounting department. Switching from calculators and spreadsheets to Microsoft Dynamics® GP will make your job much easier. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP streamlines your human resources and payroll (HRP) operations which will improve productivity and reduce the chance for human error. Save time by turning manual data entry into automated entry, data-tracking, and calculations. Monitoring important HRP data in a single software application will give you greater control over financial and personnel resources and the confidence to stand behind the decisions you make regarding payroll and benefit options. Microsoft Dynamics GP also increases transparency so that everyone can access information they need to do their job quickly and efficiently. This comprehensive software includes over 220 built-in HRP reports, more than other common software programs available today. The powerful data analysis features will show you how to save time and money and make the strategic business decisions that leads to controlled business growth. 

More than 40,000 businesses rely on Microsoft Dynamics GP to improve productivity and profitability, and provide deep insight into the data that can drive their business forward. Email The Resource Group at or call us at 425-277-4760 to see how Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you count more pennies, in less time.

How to Keep Customers Happy and Generate New Business

Happy customers are a critical element of a successful business. Doing your best to supply customers with a high-quality product is the first step to satisfaction but it’s not the last. Things do happen and your customers might find a flaw or have some dissatisfaction in the product or service you provided. How you respond to an unhappy customer can have a major effect on your bottom line.

In this 24/7 economy and with the major boom in social networking sites, you definitely want to do your best to quickly find a resolution to a customer concern or complaint. An unsatisfied customer might spread their dissatisfaction to every friend or acquaintance on social media sites and you risk losing potentially new and returning customers, as well as fighting to win your reputation back. A recent article by Ron Burley titled
“5 Worst Things You Can Say to a Customer” can help you avoid critical mistakes, such as putting upset customers on hold, looking for answers from your managers, and stonewalling which only make the situation worse and guarantee bad press. Read more.

Free 30 Day Trial of Microsoft Dynamics GP

With Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud, you don't have to sacrifice functionality, integration and customization capabilities to get the benefits of a hosted financial management (ERP) solution.

More and more businesses considering a new accounting system are wondering if the Cloud is the right move for their organization. With Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud, you don't have to sacrifice functionality, integration and customization capabilities to get the benefits of a hosted financial management (ERP) solution. You get the best of both worlds - the full capabilities of an ERP solution offered in a cost-effective Cloud environment. Try Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud for 30 Days.

Tips And Tricks
Smart Phone Screen Going Blank?

This may seem like one of those no brainer tips but it will make you say “why didn’t I think of that”? If you use a smartphone you are probably aware that when you are talking on it while holding it to your ear the screen goes blank and locks to save battery and keep your ear from accidently hanging up. This is a great design feature in modern smartphones. Where the feature can cause a problem is if you are using a screen protector or certain protective cases. Hidden behind the face are proximity sensors that trigger the screen to go blank and lock. If your screen protector has started to lift or your case inadvertently covers these sensors you will get some unexpected behavior. The quick fix is to clean under the screen protector and reapply or replace to make sure it lays flat. If it is your case that is causing the interference then make sure that it is designed for your phone model and that the positioning hasn’t shifted to cover the sensor. So the next time your phone is behaving oddly give this tip a try to see if it fixes it.

Fun Facts

The 1040 federal form was introduced in 1913. It was just 4 pages long, which included one page of instructions. Take a trip back in time and see what the original 1040 form looked like.



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