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Hail is a major threat for property owners and businesses in coastal states and regions with high storm risks. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), hail causes about $1 billion dollars in damage to crops and property each year.
Program Brokerage Corporation’s national "Wind and Hail Deductible Buy Down Insurance Program" was designed to alleviate the cost of these deductibles for a wide range of industries.

Coverages Offered:

  • Follow Form Wind/Hail


  • Nationwide

Target Business:

  • Real Estate (Residential & Commercial)
  • Office and Administrative
  • Industrial
  • Hotel / Motel / Short-Term Rental
  • Education
  • Retail/Warehousing/Hospitality
  • General Commercial
  • Solar Panels
  • Mobile Homes
  • Docks, Piers, & Wharves
  • Greenhouses
  • Construction
  • And more

Minimum Premium:


Buy Down Options Available:

  • Percentage to Percentage
  • Percentage to Dollar
  • Dollar to Dollar
  • Dollar to Percentage

Required Documents:

  • Supplemental Application
  • SOV
  • Loss Runs

Turn Around:

  • Same Day
    (24-48 hours for referral business)
  • In-house Binding and Policy Issuance

Quoting / Binding Authority for:

  • Location Limit up to $25M
  • TIV up to $100M (multi location policy)
  • Up to 5 Locations
  • Accounts exceeding limits above can be considered as referrals to the carrier.

"Our Relationships Are Your Advantage"
For more information, please contact:

Gary Shapiro | Office: 516-496-1346 |
Tom Henderson | Office: 212-338-2946 |

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