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Business Insights - April 2014
7 Deadly Sins of Financial Management Software

Keep your financial management system pure in 2014.  Learn about the seven financial management challenges facing companies today… and the steps you can take to succeed in 2014

1. Scattered Business Data - You want to close books faster, but can't manage and integrate the flux of information.  Five years ago, 70% of businesses were able to close their books in six days.  Now only 50% can do that. 

2. Departmental Silos - The financial department cannot collaborate with other departments to speed up and streamline financial processes.  Employees spend nearly 28% of every work week answering emails.  Adding enterprise social technologies can improve productivity by 20-25%.

3. Spreadsheet Gluttony - Spreadsheets are time consuming and full of reporting errors.  Ninety percent of companies are using spreadsheets for planning, budgeting, forecasting, and 88% of spreadsheets have errors.

Click here to find out the remaining four sins often committed and how to overcome them in your business.

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Intacct Eye's More Verticals

Learn more about Intacct’s focus on midsize growth organizations like yours. Check out Heather Clancy’s recent article for
Small Business Matters, ZDNet, “Intacct Eyes More Verticals.”

Clancy describes some of the ways cloud financials can accelerate growth while bringing significant advantages by linking related financial processes while reducing manual exports and duplicate data entry. The article discusses how Intacct is focusing on midsize growth companies, especially in the areas of compliance with GAAP, and analytics and reporting.
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Read the blog series describing the top reasons to purchase a business solution from Microsoft.  We are on part seven of nine reasons.  Catch up on the blog postings, and the most recent featured content: Works the Way You Do.
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