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Business Insights - August 2012

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Learning from our peers is something that we have done in all aspects of our lives. Within our business roles, there is always something that we can learn from other companies, different positions, or industry leaders. The question sometimes is where to find the best sources for inspiration. Books, tradeshows, local events, and team building meetings are just a few resources that we can look to, to inspire us. Another great option is
Ted. Ted is a video resource that allows us to take inspiration and learn from others that we may not have been able to see before. Within this site, you can search for particular authors or business leaders who have given TEDTalks, look within an industry, or you can see the newest and most popular talks on the site.

As we continue on into the second half of 2012, take the time to find some inspiration, spark some new ideas, and energize you and your team. As their website proclaims, “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world”, we all have an abundance of knowledge that we can learn and grow from at our fingertips.

The Resource Group

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Scheduled for Release in October

While ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software may not be the most exciting topic to discuss, it’s hard not to be interested in the improvements that are being worked into the final product before its release later this year. With ‘behind the scene’ improvements like the ability to run multiple instances (companies) on one server, the IT administration job just became a little bit easier. On the other side of that coin, you have the integration of Office 365 with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 which will allow users to access the information they need from virtually anywhere. There will also be a new web client offered for the first time, allowing users to access the information in the way that is most convenient for them.

For those of you who are interested in hearing what other features have been added or improved, you can register for a free, on-demand webcast recording from the Decisions Spring 2012 GP Day Virtual conference. Errol Schoenfish, Director Product Management at Microsoft, presenting what you need to know to make plans for implementation or upgrading when the time comes.

Experience Microsoft Dynamics GP

Please enjoy this 30-day trial offer of Microsoft Dynamics GP from The Resource Group. With this trial you can experience for yourself how a powerful accounting software solution helps you do more with less. As you explore this trial you will experience the:

  • Flexible account structure for the general ledger
  • Powerful reporting and business intelligence tools
  • Familiarity of Microsoft Office solutions

*The free trial is hosted in a Cloud environment. The Resource Group offers both Cloud and on-premise deployment options of Microsoft Dynamics GP and can help you determine which is best for your business needs.

You Wouldn’t Fly A Plane So Why Would You Manage Your Critical Data?

Who do you feel could protect business data better, you or a specialist at Google, Amazon or Rackspace? Since security is critical for their reputation and they employ the most gifted people in the industry to develop and manage their cloud environments, logically the answer shouldn’t be you. So why is it that 51% of small businesses feel that data stored in the cloud is risky? Maybe it’s a bit like flying, it’s a well-known fact that it’s safer to fly than to drive, yet many of us are nervous about getting into a plane. Is it because somebody else is in control? Here are 5 solid reasons why the cloud can offer far better security.

Are Big Data Analytics Too Big For You?

What do you need to know for your business to be successful? Many businesses would answer they need to know what their customers are doing and what they are likely to do in the future. Data analytics can give you good insight into this information. But first you’ve got to get this data and then of course you need the smarts to get something meaningful out of it. Big data analytics is a hot topic. Think of the vast amount of data generated in social networks, video footage and internet search logs. This information is all very telling about what our customers are doing and where they’re going. Sound too big and expensive for you? It doesn’t have to be. Find out more information on Big Data Analytics and free tools available to you.

RG Connect 2012 to Offer Executive Leadership Track

RG Connect 2012 will be The Resource Group's 12th Annual Microsoft Dynamics Customer Conference in Seattle. This year RG Connect 2012 will include a leadership track specifically designed for executives and senior management. Two nationally recognized speakers will challenge you to be more innovative in thinking and drive results. Our guest speakers are
Holly G. Green, CEO and Managing Director of San Diego-based The Human Factor Inc., and Dr. Gerry Faust, Founder of San Diego-based Faust Management Corporation. Our leadership track is designed for CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs, CTOs and senior management folks.
Holly Green presenting "Innovating Everyday - Keeping Up in a Hyper Paced World"
As CEO and Managing Director of San Diego-based
The Human Factor Inc., Green uses her expertise as a business leader and behavioral scientist to help companies achieve strategic agility, alignment and engagement. Green has consulted for Microsoft, Expedia and Hilton Worldwide to help them compete more effectively in today’s market. Green is also the author of the best-selling book, More Than A Minute.
Dr. Gerry Faust presenting "Responsible Managers Get Results"
Dr. Faust is Founder of San Diego-based
Faust Management Corporation. He works with a broad range of business, professional and government organizations to provide methods and tools that help create the insights and environments that allow businesses, and their leader, to succeed. Faust is the author of Responsible Managers Get Results, focusing on being responsible enough to do what it takes to produce necessary results.

RG Connect 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Bell Harbor International Conference Center, 2211 Alaskan Way, Pier 66 Seattle, WA 98121

Early Bird Registration: $150 per person by September 21, 2012, $200 per person after September 21, 2012.

The Resource Group
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AAA Washington Partners with The Resource Group for Microsoft Dynamics GP Support and Services

AAA Washington Partners with The Resource Group to service and support Microsoft Dynamics GP as well as help integrate their disparate business solutions that help them run their travel, retail and store operations.

AAA Washington Partners with The Resource Group for Microsoft Dynamics GP Support and Services
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How to Overcome Spreadsheet Version Control When Budgeting and Forecasting

The Aberdeen Group, a provider of fact-based research, reports that 54% of surveyed companies cite market volatility as the leading pressure in doing business today. Market volatility creates the need for agility.

The Resource Group helps companies create well-prepared budgets and forecasts, allowing them to make decisions throughout their fiscal years and to adjust future expectations based on current actual performance.

Learn how to overcome spreadsheet version control challenge with Microsoft Forecasting for budgeting and forecasting. The Resource Group helps companies make the next step from spreadsheet budgeting and forecasting by implementing a truly automated and secure solution.

Watch this short video to hear how they saved time and money with their ERP solution.

To learn more, please attend our upcoming free seminars on How to Streamline Your Budgeting & Forecasting.

Tuesday, Sept. 18 (Portland)
11 am-1 pm

Wednesday, Sept. 19 (Renton, WA)
11 am- 1pm

The Resource Group – In the News

Accounting Today Recognizes The Resource Group to its VAR 100 List in 2012

The Resource Group Hires Kevin Kerr to Oversee Project Management

Fun Fact:

According to Canalys, smart phones overtook client PCs in 2011 for the first time. Vendors shipped 488 million smartphones compared to 415 million client PCs in 2011 worldwide.

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