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The Resource Newsletter - September 2013
For Microsoft Dynamics GP Users

How to Harness Technology Without Getting Trapped
Technology is a like a double-edged sword, it can offer time-saving conveniences one day and stop you in your tracks the next. There is a balance to leveraging the best that technology can give you, while not getting trapped by it.

Most of us remember using giant state and local maps to get around. Then online mapping software became popular, followed by the release of affordable GPS units. Today, nearly everyone has some sort of built-in GPS whether it's in their cars or on their smartphones. GPS technology has been a great convenience in getting people to their destinations quickly and safely, until we discover the flaw in the mapping service and get stuck on the wrong Main Street in the wrong town.

The right technology can do a world of good for your business, but the wrong technology can leave you lost or even stranded. Which is why it’s so important to take your time when considering what business management solutions you need to grow your business. It is our goal as a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner to ensure that your business solutions are working for you, not against you. We know our software inside and out.

Let The Resource Group help you discover if you are using your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution in the best possible way.  Our onsite services such as Operational Reviews, Training and System Review Peformance Plan are all designed to help you maximize efficiency with your team and your solution.  Give us a call at 877.287.4760 to learn more.
New Features of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 - SmartList Designer

Watch this video on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 SmartList Designer.  You will learn the components of SmartList Designer and how to create your own SmartLists.

Click here to watch the video
October Anniversary Sale
15% Discount on Training Classes

Receive a 15% discount on your Microsoft Dynamics GP class fee when you register in the month of October.  This promotion only applies for classes held between November 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. 

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP
November 14, 2013
General Ledger
November 15, 2013

Receivables Management
November 19, 2013

Payables Management
November 20, 2013

View our entire training schedule online at

Hurry, offer ends October 31, 2013.
Save Time During Your Busy Day with Management Reporter

Save time with generating and distributing reports by using the Management Reporter in your Microsoft Dynamics® ERP business management software solution. As noted in this short video, “
Microsoft Dynamics Management Reporter Report Groups Updates,” posted on YouTube, report groups were updated in Management Report 2012 CU6 to save time with report distribution maintenance activities. In this update, you can now make changes to company data and details in the report group and apply these changes to all reports in that same report group. In addition, you can generate the report group to a single location or multiple locations. Individual reports also can be set to other locations. These updates save many steps in the previous distribution process, which can save you and your team much-needed time.

Take less than two minutes of your day to watch this video and see how to save time and maintain consistent data with Management Reporter. To learn more about using Management Reporter or to make the move from FRx, contact The Resource Group at 1.877.287.4760 or email
Tip and Trick
Change The Company You Are Using in Microsoft Dynamics GP

To change companies within Microsoft Dynamics GP, there is no need to close out and log back in again – just click on the Company Name at the bottom left of the Microsoft Dynamics GP main window.

Read the Dynamics University Magazine

Dynamics University is an association of premiere Microsoft Dynamics Partners and Trainers focused on providing exceptional learning opportunities to Microsoft Dynamics customers throughout North America. Our goal is to increase your satisfaction and return on investment related to your Microsoft Dynamics solutions by providing knowledge and information through our blog, magazine, webinars, and training events.  Read the magazine now.
I have been reading a great book called “The Two Second Advantage” by Vivek Ranadive.  Amazon recaps the focus of the book as ...

The Constant Quest for Sales and Profitability
There are a lot of key metrics that indicate whether you have a healthy business, including an evaluation of sales data.  However, you need to go deeper into your financial figures to see if those sales are generating profits.
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